Infiniti and Explorers Club revisit Gobi Desert

Rewriting the rules of modern palentology.

Date Published: 11 Jul 2018
Infiniti and Explorers Club revisit Gobi Desert

Infiniti and Explorers Club revisit Gobi Desert

True to its ethos of empowering those in life and on the road through technology, Infiniti is helping re-write the rules of modern paleontology and showcasing the breadth of its SUV lineup by supporting an expedition in the Gobi Desert with the Explorers Club.

A 35-person multidisciplinary team of paleontologists, geologists, archaeologists and scientists, announced a breakthrough in paleontological methodology through advanced mapping technology, and a discovery of many significant findings after a 20-day expedition in the Gobi Desert using Infiniti QX50, QX60 and QX80s. The route revisited Roy Chapman Andrews’ groundbreaking explorations nearly 100 years ago. Known as the inspiration for Indiana Jones, Andrews changed the way expeditions are conducted as the first explorer to use motorized vehicles to prospect sites more efficiently. By using Infiniti vehicles and advanced technology the team reduced a 10-year expedition to just 20-days, pioneering a new way to locate dinosaur fossils.

The team found possible evidence of three new dinosaur species, more than 250 new fossil locations, five entirely new areas previously not known to contain fossils, and hundreds of fossilized bones, including those of mammals, which were not previously known to have existed in the area. The paleontologists will analyze the fossils they took back to Ulaanbaatar to validate the findings and will explore the newly discovered sites over the next several years, if not decades.

“The Explorers Club is known for its famous firsts: first to the North Pole, the South Pole, the top of Everest, the bottom of the ocean, and first to the moon,” said Will Roseman, Executive Director of The Explorers Club. “We are very excited to partner with Infiniti, which also has many famous firsts, including the world’s first production variable compression ratio engine in its all-new QX50. We share a passion for discovery and for scientific advancement.”

“Geological and paleontological maps will be re-written to account for these new findings and discoveries,” said Michael Barth, Founder and Chairman, The Explorers Club Hong Kong Chapter, and expedition organizer. “New species and mammals were found, we pioneered new means to pinpoint locations, and uncovered fossils from three unknown species.

The quality and historical significance of the findings far exceeded our expectations. Partnering with Infiniti was a good match with the Hong Kong Chapter of The Explorers Club, as we share a passion for exploration and using technology to push the boundaries of seeking new knowledge. Roy Chapman Andrews was the first explorer to use motorized vehicles to increase the amount of ground he and his team could cover. He would be proud of what we accomplished, and thrilled that his legacy continues to inspire meaningful discoveries.”

The expedition, which used Infiniti’s all-new midsize QX50 SUV, as well as the larger QX60 and QX80 SUVs, endured a heavy sandstorm that blew away two support tents, 110-degree weather, scorpions, lethal spiders and a host of other challenges moving a large caravan across the Gobi’s forbidding terrain.

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