Casio Solar-Powered Chronograph Edifice

Featuring sapphire crystal for maximum visibility in motorsports applications.

Date Published: 23 Apr 2019
Casio Solar-Powered Chronograph Edifice

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., has announced the release of a new addition to its EDIFICE line of high-performance sports chronographs that combine dynamic design with advanced technology. The new EFS-S550 solar chronograph, to be available in three models, features a rotating countdown bezel and a glass made from sapphire crystal.

Casio Solar-Powered Chronograph Edifice

EDIFICE supports the Formula One racing team Scuderia Toro Rosso as an official team partner. The brand is inspired by the world of motorsports and supports the actual racing scene.

The new EFS-S550 is distinguished by a bold countdown bezel designed to be used by pit crews during races. The numbered bezel provides a countdown to the target time, enabling an intuitive grasp of the remaining time to facilitate team operations. The glass is made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to deliver the maximum visibility that is critical in racing situations.

Casio Solar-Powered Chronograph Edifice

The attention to detail extends to the watch specifications and design, with water resistance to 100 meters and solar-powered battery drive. The watch is available in three colour variations, with yellow, blue, and orange accents, respectively. The bold accent colours increase visibility while enhancing the sporty, stylish good looks. Three types of bands (metal, resin, and nylon) are available, enabling the user to pick a watch that suits their design preference, wrist feel, and application.

The EFS-S550 delivers stylish looks and extensive functionality, making it a joy to wear.

Casio Solar-Powered Chronograph Edifice

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