Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcycles

A collection of custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles inspired by some of the most powerful and iconic Marvel characters.

Date Published: 23 Aug 2016
Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcycles

As with the heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, no two customised Harley Davidson motorcycles are the same. The unique collaboration between the two industry giants, showcases some of the most popular Marvel characters and their appropriate Harley Davidson bikes.

Captain America is the living, breathing symbol of freedom. A Super Hero who fiercely protects individual rights and uses his exceptional powers to defend them and the American way.

This spirit of freedom is alive and thriving in the Harley-Davidson Touring Street Glide Special. Like Captain America, it leads from the front with strength, speed and endurance, enabling you to venture to new worlds and beyond.

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesThe personification of agility, Spider-Man combines superhuman strength, acrobatic leaps and pure power to travel rapidly from place to place and especially in his urban environment. The dark side of Spider-Man is well and truly reflected in the Dark Custom motorcyle art of the Iron 883. All urban aggression and precision customisation, the 883 also shares Spider-Man’s uncanny agility for conquering the concrete jungle.

“Spider-Man is one of my all-time favourite characters and the Sportster really fits his persona. But a true urban Super Hero wouldn’t ride a standard bike, so we created a jacked up assault 883N. It’s still very rideable but you could see Spider-Man chasing down villains in New York on this bike. Or Peter Parker riding to Uni on it!”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesGreat strength and endurance are just two characteristics of this Marvel Super Hero that never gives up. The Norse God of thunder and lightning also wields one of the greatest weapons ever made, the enchanted hammer Mjolinor, which fills rivals with trepidation.

Like Thor, the Softail Breakout is one of the originals. Honest, classical, fearless of the latest challenger, this Harley-Davidson also has plenty of power in reserve – just waiting for you to put down the hammer!

“Rather than building a bike with an image of Thor on it, we envisaged a Harley that Thor would actually ride. By any measure, the Softail Breakout is a tough bike for a tough guy. But with our build, it’s been taken to a whole new level. Watch out when Thor puts down the hammer!”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesCaught in a blast of gamma radiation, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner is destined to transform into a living engine of overwhelming strength, the Incredible Hulk, whenever he becomes stressed or angry. True legends of power and strength, Hulk and the Fat Boy Lo are perfect partners. Big, mean and eye-popping, both are squat, super strong and ready to unleash their superpowers when the need takes hold.

“When Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, he looks a bit rugged around the edges. That’s what we’ve captured in the transformation of this bike. From a pristine Fat Boy Lo it’s turned into a Harley the Hulk could have ridden from battle. At the end of the day, it’s a unique design that’s representative of the Hulk as an iconic Super Hero.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesWounded, incarcerated and forced to build a weapon against his will, industrialist Tony Stark instead created an ingenious suit of armour that gave him the power to overwhelm and escape his captors. And so began the legend of Iron Man.

With massive horsepower and low-end torque, the V-Rod is all-American muscle. An iron horse with a liquid-cooled V-twin engine, this H-D has drop-dead looks and bold performance. You'll be ready for anything on the open road.

“If Tony Stark had a Harley, this would be it! Just like his suit of armour, this bike is a weapon that’s built to escape captivity. The Iron Man colours are captured perfectly in the paintwork and the power of the character is brought to life with good old Harley- Davidson ‘Muscle’ and industrial elements that mirror Tony Stark’s engineering background.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesAfter losing his family to mobsters, the Punisher decided to take matters into his own hands. Judge, jury and executioner, the Punisher’s military training enables him to handle any weapon in his one man fight against evil. All low-slung Dark Custom attitude, the Forty-Eight is the ideal weapon for a vigilante like the Punisher to hunt down and vanquish his foes. Cranked up and intense it’s ready to mete out some justice of its own to any confrontation on the bitumen.

“The Punisher is dark, no frills, muscular with a take no sh*t attitude. And so is our bike. Simple, and powerful all the way through. We even managed to make white look cool!”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesLooks can be deceiving. Wasp may not appear as threatening as some of her fellow Super Heroes but what she lacks in size is made up by intelligence, speed and evasiveness. And don’t be fooled by her amused demeanour – this Wasp can sting.

When you throw a leg over the Roadster every feeling you get is a good one. This is all about falling in love with the ride – agile, fun, light and easy handling, you’ll be as hard to pin down as the Wasp.

“For us, Wasp and the Roadster are the perfect pairing. Both small in stature, they’re also tough, youthful and pack enormous punch for their size. With L.E.D lighting through the engine bay to represent Wasp’s bioelectric blasts, the details in our design bring to life every strength and power the Wasp possesses. Our Wasp creation, although a small bike, will be able to fight against the biggest challenge thrown in its way.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesHis great intellect enabled Ultron to rebuild himself over and over, making improvements and modifications each time. A virtually unstoppable metal giant, Ultron is the most technically advanced bad boy ever created.

Why do dark horses have all the mystique? The sheer genius, creative intelligence and next-level tech of Ultron and the Night Rod Special ensure both metal monsters stay ahead of their time.

“Hydrographics and a bio-mechanical print bring the bike to life. We love the red LED that Ultron has in his joints, so we incorporated it to highlight parts of the bike. This is totally the bike Ultron would choose if he rode.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesIn a parallel universe on an alternate earth, Gwen Stacy is the Spider-Woman of her world. With arachnid-like superpowers, she began a crime-fighting career as Spider-Gwen but, much like Earth’s Spiderman, she is hounded by the law.

A different style of Harley-Davidson for an alternate Super Hero, the Street 500’s shorter wheelbase makes it easy to manoeuvre. Built to execute tight turns and nimble moves, it responds rapidly to whatever the cityscape throws at it, much like Spider-Gwen.

“We see Spider-Gwen as an urban hero and decided a great way to reflect that would be with street art. Using a graffiti style paint job that incorporates the Spider-Gwen colour range, our Harley-Davidson Street 500 has been transformed into machine fit for a Super Hero. A change to the exhaust system and an additional pipe completes the look.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesTransforming into the Ghost Rider turns Johnny Blaze into the Spirit of Vengeance. An expert stunt rider, he sits astride his motorbike with skull aflame and wielding a mystical chain that annihilates any villains in his path.

Living in the saddle has never been more achievable. The Road Glide Special is a transformative experience for any rider of touring machines – there’s simply no better pairing for Ghost Rider - the ultimate bike riding Super Hero.

“Passion, blood, sweat and tears went into this project. It was built for the Ghost Rider and we are convinced he would kill to ride it too! The Road Glide Special provided a big canvas for a Super Hero with attitude, chains, fire and an evil dark side. The paint is phenomenal and there’s plenty of room in the panniers to collect any lost souls!”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesOne of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot is inseparable from his best friend Rocket Raccoon as they travel through space and find trouble just about everywhere they go. Extremely powerful and resilient, Groot is all about action, not words.

Spending time in the saddle goes with the territory when travelling the Galaxy. Back here on earth, the Street Glide® Special is the complete package for those long journeys. Like Groot, this Harley has unique capabilities, a noble heritage and is devoted to its cause.

“Groot is larger than life and the Street Glide Special is a big, imposing Harley. Combining the two has created a motorcycle with real presence and attitude. It’s just so different to any custom bike we’ve ever created. From the awesome paint job to Groot’s icon on the front faring, this Harley-Davidson will turn heads with or without a Super Hero onboard.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesOtherwise known as Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow is an expert spy, athlete, and assassin. As the name suggests, this Super Hero has a sting that spells doom for anyone who dares to cross her.

Welcome to the state of Dark Custom™ motorcycle art. All blacked-out, stripped down custom aggression, the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 stands alone, an iconoclast, like the solitary Black Widow herself.

“By blacking-out the bike we’ve made this Harley look just as threatening as a genuine Black Widow. Much like the Iron 883’s ride she’s a real smooth operator - but customised feet and hand controls, plus Black Widow’s department, personal and country of origin logos, give this 883 even more aggressive style.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesThe royal descendant of a warrior race, Black Panther is also a brilliant tactician, scientist, teacher and tracker. The proud ruler of Wakanda, he always thinks two steps ahead of his enemies.

Born from a long line of Softail forbears, this bike has much in common with the Black Panther. Every part, right down to the axle nut, comes from a proud tradition of excellence and many decades of learning. It’s H-D royalty.

“We wanted to make a bike that’s like a panther, ready to pounce. Of course it’s completely blacked out, low and sleek, with an extra cool stance from the lowered air suspension. Riding this, the Black Panther would become one with his bike. It’s a perfect balance of sleek style and badass customisation.”

A very serious insect, Ant-Man is all about getting the job done efficiently, without distraction. With the strength of a full-grown man squeezed into his tiny body, he can go places and do things beyond the capability of any other Super Hero.

If it weighs you down, get rid of it. That’s the Low Rider S motorcycle – a lean, mean machine. And with a power to size ratio like Ant-Man’s, if anything’s getting on your nerves you can simply watch it disappear in the rear view mirrors.

“We went all out on this to fully capture Ant-Man’s spirit. It was a real team effort to get every little detail right, starting with a powerful engine in a small chassis. Then an Ant-Man button on the front cowling, custom red and silver pain job, with LEDs light built in to match his suit. And a battle scared finish on the frame. The NoS bottles for Ant-Man’s serum really finish it off. There’s no doubt who owns this bike.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesThere’s not much subtlety about Drax the Destroyer. Raw power and brute force are his stock in trade. Intimidating, determined – Drax’s strength is the ultimate persuader. If you don’t see eye to eye, get out of his way.

Built to cause a commotion, the Dyna Fat Bob is all about power. Experience the force in this engine, pulling you down the road towards vanishing point, and you’ll be converted forever. It’s a feeling as persuasive as Drax himself.

“A righteous and tough bike for a righteous and tough superhero. Both are distinctive and well built. We used a textured finish and detail on the tin-ware to show the characters crazy scaring designs. It was tough to give the bike the same type of muscle definition and skin, but we did it using all Harley parts.”

Harley Davidson Marvel Super Hero Custom motorcyclesThe will to become more powerful than his brethren drove Thanos, with voracious desire, to increase his superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes and agility. His mystical knowledge also gives him the ability to teleport galaxy-wide distances.

Touring long distance demands a bike made for the purpose. The Street Glide Special is the culmination of decades of refinement and a voracious commitment to developing the perfect long-distance bike. Would Thanos settle for anything less?

“The mad titan is to Super Heroes what the Street Glide Special is to motorcycles - big, powerful and imposing. The dynamic colours of Thanos have allowed for a bold custom paint job that’s as dark and brooding as the character. Combined with the accessories we’ve selected, we believe the whole build has come together in a strong representation of this unusual Super Hero.

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