HyperDrive Cities (2022 ~ 2023)

HyperDrive Cities

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2023 HyperDrive Cities Festival
(November 2022)

Watch the top 25 sim-racers battle for the podium, on the newly built Kuala Lumpur Street Circuit in downtown Malaysia!
This is the 3rd edition of the HyperDrive Cities Championship!
HyperDrive Cities, the premiere street-racing championship that brings sim-racing into familiar cities, turning public roads into race circuits, returns for another exciting chapter! Join Hong as he explores the actual streets of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and see for yourself the realism and accuracy that is HyperDrive Cities! The 2023 edition happens on November 4th!

2022 HyperDrive Cities Festival
(September 2022)

Missed out on the action of the HyperDrive Cities Championship this year?
Catch the Top 25 Fastest Drivers from the Qualifiers compete for top honours at the Extended Orchard Road Street Circuit!
HyperDrive Cities Official Launch

2021 OUE E-Cities Championship
(November 2021)

Here’s what went down behind-the-scenes of the first ever OUE E-Cities Championship!
Watch 25 Sim Racers battle out at the uniquely designed Orchard Road Street Circuit on Assetto Corsa, as well as a music performance by Singaporean Singer Tabitha Nauser and a talk show with Guest of Honour Minister Tan See Leng.
E-Cities Championship had the privilege to have Singaporean Singer Tabitha Nauser at the Legion of Racers Xperience Studio recently. Watch to find out her experience driving on the Orchard Road Street Circuit!
Watch race day presenter Hong Tsui provide a quick overview of the OUE E-Cities Championship Orchard Road Street Circuit!

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