Jackson Toh

Jackson Toh

Chief Editor (Asia Pacific)

A veteran of the automotive scene in Singapore, Jackson has been living and breathing cars over the past ten years of his professional career. Even from a tender age, he had always been fascinated with anything with wheels, collecting all manner of model cars that numbered into the thousands.

As a teen, Jackson continued his budding passion by indulging in automotive magazines and living a double-life as a professional race-car driver in the video game Gran Turismo. This went on right up to even after his graduation, where at that time Jackson was enlisted into National Service as a transport supervisor no less.

However a combat injury a year later kept him from his duties and as such, Jackson took to the pen or in this case the keyboard as he carried out the last few months of service at the Central Manpower Base. It was also around this time; Jackson started his very own blog and began covering various automotive events within Singapore.

Spurred on by his new found passion for writing as well, he then went on to pursue a career in Public Relations. For two years Jackson continued being a PR executive by day and an automotive blogger by night till one faithful day a certain publisher of a popular local tuner magazine left a message on his tag-board asking if he was keen on joining.

It seemed to be a dream come true for Jackson at least as he could now fulfil his two biggest passions, cars and writing into one single entity, and better yet, make a career out of it. He wasted no time and joined the magazine. Working there for nearly three years, Jackson rose through the ranks and became Assistant Editor before he was headhunted by yet another automotive magazine.

The magazine in question was Wheels Asia and it provided yet another different set of challenges for Jackson in the form of new car reviews as well as heading the editorial direction of the entire magazine. For eight years, Jackson honed his craft and skills there, he was also instrumental in revamping the magazine twice and turning it into the success story it is today.

Having carved out a name for himself within the local community, Jackson has since joined 9tro as their new Editor for Asia-Pacific where he will continue to fine-tune his art at a regional level on a digital platform – which he sees as the future of mainstream media.

Last Updated: October, 2016