Engine Swap - The Legal Way

We asked a few individuals who have gone through this harrowing experience.

Date Published: 02 Apr 2018
Engine Swap - The Legal Way

If you're from Singapore and the above title means something to you then one of these scenarios will definitely hit close to home.

Situation 1 - Your current engine has issues and you need a replacement, but the car is too much of a darling for you to scrap *raised fist* it like that.
Situation 2 - You were caught with a cheeky modification by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) during a roadblock, pullover or an inspection.
Situation 3 - A friend has asked for help and you googled your way here

Fret not, we are here to help. This article will walkthrough with you a step-by-step process in getting your engine replaced, legally of course. However, do note that these are actual experiences by several people, and do not necessarily set a precedent on procedures.

This article only serves as merely a guide but we will not be liable if the authorities deviate from past practices. We are by no means slamming any agency, but hope that this will be helpful to everyone. Also note that photos used are simply illustrative and do not represent actual engine replacements.

The pains of a engine swap - The legal way
Regardless of the case, it is by no means an easy or smooth process, the number of emails and calls that you would send would span over a period of many months!

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