Amanda Toh - Dragon Princess

We check-in with the sultry Amanda to learn a little more!

Date Published: 02 Jan 2018
Amanda Toh - Dragon Princess

In between our photoshoot of D’s Graffiti Concepts Lotus Elise, we managed to have a quick chat with the sultry Amanda Toh, our model for the day’s shoot, to learn more about her passion for modelling and other stuff we are pretty sure you, our readers, are dying to know! Needless to say her wacky personality shined through and her professionalism deserves a standing ovation.

Amanda Toh - Dragon Princess

9tro: What inspired you to be a model plus how long have you been modelling?
Amanda: I honestly never thought I would ever model but as cliché as it is, a Victoria’s Secret fashion show inspired me. I started when I was 17 years old.

9tro: If you were not a model, what other profession would you have considered and why?
Amanda: As a kid, I always wanted to be a paediatrician. Haha, I always thought it was a really cool job!

Amanda Toh - Dragon Princess

9tro: Any advise for aspiring models?
Amanda: Don't make an impulsive decision because of a short term reward and be confident of yourself. I really want to emphasise, never let what others feel or say bring you down. Everyone has their strengths, so use that when you're in castings or even at any job!

9tro: Describe your ideal partner.
Amanda: I love a guy who is smart and funny - someone who can hold a good conversation.

Amanda Toh - Dragon Princess

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