2017 Manila International Auto Show - Part 2 (Models)

We check out the ladies of the MIAS in the second part of our coverage.

Date Published: 05 Apr 2017
2017 Manila International Auto Show - Part 2 (Models)

Wayback when I first started attending motor shows, participants seldom used models as part of their showcase but as time goes by, things have changed and nowadays no automotive event would be complete without girls. The 38th Manila International Auto Show did not disappoint with its promising car displays, new car launches, promotions and of course the gorgeous ladies!

You will be hard pressed to find any motor show that does not have any girls as these lithe beauties play a big part in attracting the crowd. In a recent photo that went viral on social media, an alleged photographer placed his camera on top of a spoiler of a sports car just to capture the moment when a model started to pause for a photo, which resulted in a slew of car enthusiasts posting up their displeasure on the Internet.

It just proves the amount of publicity, be it good or bad, a model is able to generate. A key component that is essential to spicing up any event and perhaps the reason why you are here right now, browsing through this page! Our point here being, there is nothing wrong with having or not having girls at any show but you cannot deny it will not be as fun without them. So, without further ado, please enjoy the photos that follow and make sure to share them on social media. Share the good vibes, and brighten someone else's day!

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