Porsche GT2 RS - Knockout Punch

The new GT2 RS proudly wears the supercar crown.

Date Published: 14 Nov 2017
Porsche GT2 RS - Knockout Punch

You have to be brave to look the new 700hp GT2 RS directly in the eye. With its huge air intakes and prominent chin spoiler in front, and weapons grade wing at the rear, it sends a crystal clear message - don’t mess with me!

And for any would be rivals it would seem that resistance is futile, since on 27th September, the GT2 RS set a blazing 6:47.30 minutes lap time, toppling the Lamborghini Huracán Performante’s record by a yawning five seconds. But just as impressive as its sheer pace is the fact that Porsche’s new ‘Ring champion is rear-wheel-drive, whereas the 918 Spyder and Huracán Performante both rely on all-wheel-drive for optimum traction.

Porsche GT2 RS - Knockout Punch

In a massive break with tradition, Porsche have jumped straight to the 991.2 GT2 RS this time round, with no GT2 model in sight since the current 991 was launched in 2011.

The reason for this according to Andreas Preuninger, Director of GT cars, is quite simple. “The current Turbo S is so fast and competent that had we made a 620 or 640hp GT2 it would have been rather lukewarm. So we decided to hang fire and develop a very special car that would genuinely raise the bar.”

Porsche GT2 RS - Knockout Punch

“It is not easy to transmit 700hp to the ground with just rear-wheel-drive, but we started with the advantage of the 911’s rear engine location, which helps traction compared to a mid-engine car,” explained Andreas Preuninger. “Recent advances in electronics and tyres, along with our rigorous weight saving programme also help make it possible.”

“My team went through the car with a fine-toothed comb to improve every aspect of the engine, chassis and aerodynamics. The three legs of our plan were lightweight design, power and driveability.

While many of the items that reduce weight, such as the titanium exhaust silencer box that shaves off 7.5 kg from the rear of the car, and the carbon-fibre front lid that saves 2.0kg at the other end are expected in any RS model, expensive low volume parts like the engine cover hinges made from carbon Organo plate and Gorilla Glass for the side windows save 0.8 kg and 3.5 kg respectively.

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